I made a series of screen prints portraits of street artists.

These are of Koralie, Alice Pasquini, David Walker, Swoon, and Fintan Magee

I drew this as I was thinking about travel and imagination - when I’m travelling I quite often imagine myself to be the people I see, what their lives are like and how it’s so different from one person to another. 

Quite a harmless image, or so I thought. I have had one complaint 5 minutes after posting this on Facebook about how this image is culturally offensive. However, I happen to know that the person who complained is a very privileged British person and so I’m skeptical as to whether this is an offensive image or if it’s just a part of political correctness gone mad.

However, if you do have anything to do with a culture represented and are offended, please let me know and I will remove the image.

Working on a new series of pen illustrations

Sorry it’s been so long since I uploaded anything!

I’ve been adventuring and spending all my money, then desperately job hunting haha

So.. for my return to the drawing board - have an owl :)

Been painting in Leicester today

Designing a screen print that will hopefully go on sale soon

Limited edition screen prints of David Cameron - “The world is yours - terms and conditions apply.”

Another wall done for The Basement Project

Started working on the upcoming Basement Project today

Been working on some skateboard decks

Custom Decks

  • Can anyone recommend somewhere to get cheap trucks and wheels for skateboards?
  • I have 7.50 wide decks and have painted them all, but have no idea about setting them up to skate on

Yes, I do have a dissertation to do. But I also had string and cardboard that was begging to be made into a little basket

Do you guys have any requests of something you want me to draw?

Japanese-influenced street art - sketchbook prep.